Y-Shaped Tracheal Stent


The Micro-tech Y-Stent aids in the treatment of malignant neoplasms in the Tracheobronchial carina to provide relief to patients with strictures. It is made of nitinol wire woven in a tubular mesh shape. The structure makes the stent flexible, compliant, and self-expanding. The stent is partially covered in silicone to restrict tumor in-growth through the wire mesh. A retrieval loop is threaded through the proximal and distal ends of the stent and is intended to aid in removal during the stent placement procedure. To aid in visibility under fluoroscopy there are radiopaque markers at key landmarks on the stent (proximal end, bifurcation, distal ends). The stent branches have flanges to help minimize migration after the stent has been placed in the trachea.


Features offered by the Y-Stent include:

  • Self-expanding design allows for ease of deployment
  • Low profile delivery system allows for ventilation during positioning
  • Silicone covering to maximize airway space while preventing tissue growth
  • Flexibility of sizes to meet a large range of patient anatomies
  • Repositioning sutures for ease of adjustment post-deployment


Demonstration Video