Tracheal or Bronchial Stent

The BONASTENT tracheobronchial stent incorporates the patented “hook & cross” nitinol stent design with a silicone cover purposely placed across the entire interior of the stent to prevent in-growth. The stent is delivered with an ultra-thin coaxial deployment system that allows some sizes to be delivered through the working channel of a flexible therapeutic bronchoscope. The delivery system also allows for the stent to be re-captured up to 70% deployed.  
Features offered by the BONASTENT include:
  • Woven nitinol design for conformability
  • Fully covered by silicone to prevent in-growth
  • Silicone covering placed on the inside of the stent to reduce migration
  • Ultra-thin delivery catheter with some sizes able to be passed through the working channel of a flexible therapeutic bronchoscope
  • Ability to re-capture stent up to 70% deployed

In-Service Video

Silicone Cover Video

TTS Demonstration Video