Esophageal Stent



BONASTENT® esophageal stents are among the most technologically advanced non-vascular, self expandable metallic stents available today. Designed with a revolutionary patented, nitinol hook & cross wire structure that allows the stent to adapt and conform to the human anatomy resulting in reduced migration and tumor in-growth. The stents are provided pre-loaded on an ergonomically designed delivery device for ease of both implementation and placement.

Advantages offered by the BONASTENT include:
  • Low Rate of Shortening for Accurate Positioning
  • Silicone covering placed on the inside of stent to reduce migration
  • Optimal Radial and Returning Force for Conformability
  • Hook & Cross wire design allows for segmental compression, conforming to the patient’s anatomy
  • Reduced Delivery Device Diameter
  • Ability to re-capture stent up to 70% deployed