ITAbrush- Endoscope Cleaning BrushES

  • Firm nylon bristles with rounded tip
  • Easy passage through the biopsy channel
  • 50 pieces per box



SKU Description Size UOM
MED-161-BRU Cleaning brush-bronch 3mm double brush Box 50
MED-162-BRU Cleaning brush-standard 5.5mm double brush Box 50
MED-163-BRU Valve cleaning brush N/A Box 50
MED-164-BRU Cleaning brush – dual 5.5mm Box 50
MED-223-BRU Enteroscope cleaning brush 5.5mm double brush Box 50
MED-224-BRU 4 Clean ITA Brush 230 / 5.5mm / 2cm Box 50